Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tulsa Mud Run!!



Saturday afternoon Grant and I and our new friends Stephanie and Jason ran in the Tulsa Mud Run. It was a two mile run through a muddy obstacle course. It ended with a giant slip n slide into a mud pit. The Tulsa fire squad was there to hose everyone off after the run. It was so fun!

After the run we went home and changed and then ate at my new favorite restaurant JoMamma's! Delicious! Best pizza ever!


Gordon said...

Oh my goodness. What a riot! It was so great to be with you at the Crane family reunion celebrating the real Nana's and grampa Brig's 100 birthdays.
Aunt Kathleen

Stefani said...

We have a mud run around here too... I haven't been able to run it yet though (I've always had a conflict) but hopefully sometime soon. It looks AWESOME!

Jessica and Caleb said...

So I stumbled upon your blog and saw ya'll did a mud run. When I lived in Arkansas we had one every year too. I loved it! If you're gonna run might as well have fun doing it!

Brian and Michelle Hayes said...

ahh awesome!! Thats soo cool! Brian would love doing something like that :)

Blakely and Lindsey said...

HA! So fun! I feel so muck closer to you now that I am in Texas but I wish I was closer so we could do stuff like this every weekend :)