Sunday, August 29, 2010

Eureka Springs

This is our little cabin in the woods. We stayed at this place called Red Bud Valley. It was honestly the creepiest place I've ever been. It was down in this secluded valley and I think we were seriously the only people there! We were pretty sure the guy that gave us our key was going to murder us in our sleep. Fun times though!

Christ of the Ozarks

This is the Crescent Hotel where the first night we were in town we went on a ghost tour. It was a lot creepier at night. I promise! This place was built in the 1860s and it has been featured on 3 different ghost hunter tv shows. so scary!

Grant looking down into one of the springs that the town is famous for.

The architecture of Eureka Springs was one of the best parts! Everything was either ornate victorian style, or built out of limestone.

Hopefully this video works because everyone should hear these guys. They are called Mountain Sprout and they play classic hillbilly music with a bass, a banjo, and a crazy violinist.
They played in the middle of downtown for 2 hours. It was so great.

There was a VW convention in town while we were there and they had a parade right through downtown. I was in heaven! I couldn't believe how far some people had travelled to be there. There were over 300 VW vans, busses, and bugs all around town.

We spent Saturday afternoon at Beaver Lake. We lounged on the rocks and had diving competitions (Grant always wins). The weather was perfect and the limestone cliffs and rolling Ozark mountains make the whole area so scenic.
We had a wonderful time celebrating our 2 year anniversary in Eureka Springs!!


Jessica and Caleb said...

This makes me miss my home. Arkansas is the best, especially this time of year as fall sets in! Interesting fact: there is a cemetary at the bottom of Beaver Lake.

Blakely and Lindsey said...

This is beautiful! How far away is this from Tulsa? I laughed out loud when I saw the VW parade pictues. They must have known you were coming into town!

KnJCuzz said...

That lake looks AMAZING. I need to go there.