Sunday, August 22, 2010

the best decision i'll ever make

When I was about 14 years old I made a checklist for the man I wanted to one day marry.
  • Tall...CHECK!
  • Handsome...CHECK!
  • Funny...CHECK!
  • Served a faithful mission...CHECK!
  • Athletic...CHECK!
  • My dad loves him...CHECK!
  • I love him...DOUBLE CHECK!
  • Can take me to the temple...CHECK!
Grant, thanks for fulfilling my inner 14 year old's dreams!
What I didn't know was that Grant was going to totally exceed every expectation I ever had about marriage. I have more fun with Grant than I do with anyone. I laugh so much harder with him. Grant, you're helping me to become the woman I always wanted to be. Moving to Tulsa was a very small price to pay to be with you.
I love you.


Jennifer Miller said...


Stefani said...

My niece on Brad's side JUST posted the "future husband" list she made when she was 13. She checked off all her requirements too. There must be a lot of good guys out there (at least there were;)

Kristin Gardiner said...

I love this post.