Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cougar For Life

With only a couple days left in Provo I took a little time today to think about all the amazing times that I have had here.
I know that not everyone agrees, but I love BYU. It has been perfect for me. Here are some reasons why I'm going to miss living here:

1. BYU is the best! hahaha, well for me anyway. BYU is also hard. I learned that my first day as a freshman here at BYU, but it's a good school and I learned how to work hard here. I had to! Although it has been a tough four years, I know that I came to the right school. I have grown so much during my years as a student here.

2. Provo rocks! It is so beautiful here. We live right beneath the beautiful Wasatch Mountains. Right now they are covered in snow, and they couldn't look better. Also, Provo is cool. I know this may come as a shock to all those Provo haters, but there are a lot of cool people down here, and plenty of awesome stuff to do.

3. I met my dear Grant here. Provo will always have special memories for me because this is where Grant and I met and fell in love. Everywhere I look there are memories of the wonderful times we've had together.

4. I've met some of my best friends here. My former roommates are still some of my best friends, and I have had some of the best times of my life down in Provo.

I don't think this post even comes close to representing the love that I have for this university and for provo. BYU is a wonderful place and I've been so lucky to go to school here. I hope my kids all love BYU as much as I do because I want excuses to come visit when I get older!

Monday, December 7, 2009

A Little Home Inspiration

Well folks, as my time in Provotown winds down I'm getting a little nervous. In about two weeks Grant and I will be residents of Oklahoma! Crazy, crazy, crazy.
The great news is that Grant and I will finally be able to settle down in one place for a while. I will be able to finally decorate our home! The bad news is I have absolutely no idea how to decorate anything. Guess I have some researching to do!

I love these slate colored walls

I want a chalkboard!

I know this outdoor patio is a little intense, but I love it and want one in my future home.

I think the light fixture really makes this room.

I love this inspiring work space!

This bed is looks like the most comfortable thing in the world. I am still in love with the slate colored walls. They look so soothing without being simply white.

{All photos via you are my fave}
hammock, exposed brick wall. both are great.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Beehive Bazaar

If you live in Provo/Orem and have a chance, go to the Beehive Bazaar today!

I went today by myself and had a really great time. I even bought a couple of things. I can't reveal what I got because some of them are presents. There was such a wide variety of things available. The bazaar featured artists who sold jewelry, clothes, photography, and even food! My very favorite were these tiny leather moccasins for babies! Don't tell Grant, but it made me want to have a little baby to put in the moccasins :)
I'm dying because now I can't remember who makes them!

eating out and wheatgrass shots...

{image via communal blog}

So, last week Grant and I were driving around Provo trying to find a place for lunch. Here is the dilemma we always have: we both want to eat something fairly inexpensive, but I definitely don't have the same love for fast food that Grant has. Although, I did recently discover the 89 cent chicken burrito at Taco Bell, which is delicious and the perfect amount of food. So, we try to compromise and we usually end up at places like Pita Pit and Panda Express, but I really feel like if we're going to eat out we should go all out. There are a bunch of restaurants in the area that we haven't tried yet that I want to go to before we leave for Tulsa (which is right after finals! ahhh!).
Some of the places we still need to try are:

Pizzeria 712
Shirley's Bakery
Four Seasons Hot Pots

Anyway, we were on our way to Target in Orem and we passed Cafe Fresh. I harassed Grant until he turned around and TA-DAH! We had found our lunch destination. It was great. The food really is fresh and they offer so many healthy choices! It was so refreshing to finish lunch and not feel sick to my stomach, or feel so guilty about what I ate that I felt like I had committed a serious moral transgression! Poor Grant accidentally ordered a vegetarian meal, and it almost ruined his day. Grant must really love me to humor me so much (not too mention that he saw New Moon with me last night!)

Anyway, we're at Cafe Fresh and see this very cute and stylish girl drinking a wheat grass shot. Even from where we were sitting I could smell it. It wasn't necessarily bad, but it was super strong. It reminded me of grass clippings. So I was wondering, what's the deal with wheat grass shots?? Are they really as good for you as everyone thinks? So, I decided to do a little bit more research about these powerful greens. The best are articles are here, here and here.

Does anybody swear by wheat grass shots? Or has anybody have any more restaurants that Grant and I should add to our list?