Sunday, August 29, 2010

second utah trip of the summer

The first day we were in town I was lucky enough to meet up with some friends for a quick lunch. It was so good to see them! It seems like this summer we are all going our separate ways, so it was nice to catch up before we spread out all over the place.

The original reason for the trip out to Utah was go to a family reunion with the whole Crane side. It has been years since we've all been together! We rented a few condos up at Moose Hollow in Eden. We decided to eat out and ended up at this little Mexican place called Carlos and Harley's. There were so many of us we pretty much took over the place!

One of the kids tables.

Reed and Grant are such buddies now! I have missed this little guy so much!

Little Axel is growing up!

Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Brent

Aunt Betsy and Dad (who is sporting his Camp Cherry Valley shirt woot woot!)

The "fun" table. It was obvv the one that I was at :)

The kids were so excited for the cake!

Mine and Gardner's birthday cake!

Grant was so sweet. He stayed home with the kids so that we could all go on a hike together. He's so great. The hike was amazing! I have so missed the mountains.

Wheeler Creek

The is one of my favorite pictures. I love these two sweet boys!

sand castles at Pineview

The train at This is the Place state park. Asher looks like he's a had a long day. Poor little guy!

Reed having a wonderful time at the park in Huntsville.

The kids taking pony rides at This is the Place state park.

We had a wonderful trip to Utah! It was so great to spend time with our family. We also would like to thank Sam and Mark for our next trip to Utah. They're getting married October 9th in the Draper temple. We can't wait!!

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Blakely and Lindsey said...

crane family reunion! Hey I went to one of those in Park city with you guys :) When we were going through my grandpas pictures there was a specific Maren pile. My whole family, cousins, aunts and uncles all remembered who you were and set the pictures aside for me and you