Thursday, November 19, 2009

I really wished this post was going to go a lot differently...

Well folks, last night didn't quite go the way that I would have liked..
Fuego lost.

I could talk all about the game and how sad it was and how I may have cried at the end, but I won't. I really just want to say how wonderful it was to be on this team with so many great girls. Maybe it's that I'm married now and don't hangout with girls as often as before, but I have loved loved loved seeing these girls so frequently. Some of us have been together for three years now! They all saw me meet, date and get engaged to Grant, and now I have had the privilege to see many of them go through the same things. When I cried at the end of the game it wasn't because we didn't get our precious t-shirts, it was because this is my last year playing with them and I know I won't get to see many of them again.

I just wanted to take a second to say something about each one of my dear friends.

Julie: Where do I even start??? I love this girl to the moooon. We became good friends when we both lived at King Henry and she dated my cute bro-in-law Mark for a quick sec while I was dating Grant (remember when we all went ice skating together and you and I held hands, Julie???). She is one of the funniest girls I know and I still wish Mark and Julie would make things work for my sake:) She is FAST, and she is the best rusher I know. love you julie.

Cami: Oh gosh. Cami is so great. I love that Cami was serious about this team. I knew on game day I would get a text from Cami (and usually one from Kristen too) that got me pumped for the game. When I gave Cami a hug after the game and saw the tears in her eyes I knew she felt the same way I did. Cami loooves High School Musical and I think it's great! I was so happy when Cami decided to marry Ethan! They are so great together and I know they'll be happy forever!

Jentri: Oh Jentri, you are so funny! I'm really going to miss our pre-game dancing and you making fun of the length of my limbs. I wish we had more time together because I guarantee we would be best friends. in fact, it's not too late. let's have a sleepover!!

Kristen: the bus driver!! ha, this girl took EVERYONE to the games. I loved getting texts from K on game days. She is like the team mom (in a very very good way!) When I need to know when our game is K is the person to call. I can't wait to see what Kristen does in life. I know she'll be so successful. I'll never forget that you were once my awesome Relief Society President, and you were such a good one!

Krista: RMYL buddies! Krista is so tough. When the rest of the girls and I show up to games in full on snow gear she shows up in shorts and maybe a light jacket. crazy. Another girl that I'm so glad I met through this team. Krista, you are the best.

Melissa: She's getting married in a month!! yay! I'm so glad I got to know Melissa better this year. She is so great and I know that her and Ryan are going to be so happy!

Anna: Best. Quarterback. Ever. Seriously, Anna is amazing, and Dante is so lucky! They are the best and most athletic couple ever. Only Anna could rock basketball shoes on her wedding day and look AMAZING. Oh anna, I'm so glad you didn't go play basketball at BYU-Hawaii. We would have missed you too much!

Rachel: This girl is so cute I can't believe it. I can't believe someone so skinny and adorable could be so good at football! Rach is so beautiful and always has a smile on her face. She cheers everyone up when we're down on ourselves. I'm going to miss you Rach!

Hey, I love you guys. Seriously. alot. I'm glad I met you all, and I'm expecting a big reunion party after Thanksgiving because I'm already having Fuego withdrawls!


Amanda P said...

I actually said to Mike yesterday, "Did you see anything on facebook about Maren's game?" Sorry, that you didn't go undefeated, but it sounds like you guys were awesome. How fun. And I understand about the crying. I cried when Mike sold his truck before we moved to Chicago. It wasn't the truck that made me sad (well, maybe a little.. I mean I am my father's daughter), but that it seemed to be the end of an era.

Anna and Dante Valenzuela said...

Maren! just so you know, you were definitely NOT alone in the crying part. I absolutely love you maren and I am so so so so so going to miss you!! I am not going to lie, Provo will be a little bit sader that day. you beter believe we are goign to have a big party after thanksgiving!!!!! I am pumped! I love you girl