Sunday, November 15, 2009


This post sadly will have ZERO pictures because I always forget to take my camera to our games, buuuuut..

It is official, our flag football team- Fuego- will be going to the semi-finals on Tuesday!!

Anyway, our team consists of Anna, Cami, Julie, Jentri, Melissa, Krista, Rachel, and Kristen. I'm not trying to sounds conceited, but our team is goood. really good. I'm not great, but maaaan the team is good. We've played together now for three years, and this is the last year we will all be together to play. This year we're going to do it. Come hell or high water, WE'RE GETTING SHIRTS.

Our last game was Saturday at 12:15 and we had quite the fan base. My parents and my sweet sister Emily came down to watch us play, and of course Grant was there. In my whole flag football career (three years running) he has only missed one game, and it was because he was deathly sick and I MADE him stay home. Also it seems like everyone else on the team either had their husband, fiance, boyfriend, or some kind of significant other there too. I felt bad for them because during the second half it started snowing so hard! poor fans...

Next game: Tuesday 8:15


em said...

That's sweet - we had a blast! But do you feel especially sad for those fans who mistakenly thought, "hey, its a nice sunny day... I think I can get one more day of flip flops in." ?

Maegan and Dan said...

you are so awesome. i cant believe you have a flag football team. you are fabulous. go fuego! good luck today!