Sunday, November 22, 2009

I have to admit, I'm not immune

I almost wish I could say,"nope, I haven't read them", or "sorry, never tempted to see the movies." But I can't. I read all four book in the Twilight series and last year I made Grant stand in line with me to watch Twilight on opening night.

I haven't seen New Moon yet because I didn't love Twilight: the movie. The soundtracks are great, but the acting was just not for me in the last one. I'll probably see New Moon over Thanksgiving with my cute sister Amanda and my mom. Should I? Is it any better than the first one? Who has seen it?


Kristin Gardiner said...

Me. Twice--in the same day. I loved it. Maybe because I'm not married. Whatever, SEE IT :)

Sammy said...

See it! I hope you've ssen it by now, you need to see it. one trillion times better than the first time. seriously. soundtrack to new moon is AMAZING seriously. good stuff.