Monday, December 7, 2009

A Little Home Inspiration

Well folks, as my time in Provotown winds down I'm getting a little nervous. In about two weeks Grant and I will be residents of Oklahoma! Crazy, crazy, crazy.
The great news is that Grant and I will finally be able to settle down in one place for a while. I will be able to finally decorate our home! The bad news is I have absolutely no idea how to decorate anything. Guess I have some researching to do!

I love these slate colored walls

I want a chalkboard!

I know this outdoor patio is a little intense, but I love it and want one in my future home.

I think the light fixture really makes this room.

I love this inspiring work space!

This bed is looks like the most comfortable thing in the world. I am still in love with the slate colored walls. They look so soothing without being simply white.

{All photos via you are my fave}
hammock, exposed brick wall. both are great.


Kristen said...

Um, can I come out and help??? I love the last room, you HAVE to have a hammock in your house! It only seems right!

Sammy said...

how fun, I love decorating! although i'm not very good at it. are you buying a house? renting? how fun, i wish we could paint our blindingly white walls, add some life in our place! moving is scary and so fun. good luck!