Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cougar For Life

With only a couple days left in Provo I took a little time today to think about all the amazing times that I have had here.
I know that not everyone agrees, but I love BYU. It has been perfect for me. Here are some reasons why I'm going to miss living here:

1. BYU is the best! hahaha, well for me anyway. BYU is also hard. I learned that my first day as a freshman here at BYU, but it's a good school and I learned how to work hard here. I had to! Although it has been a tough four years, I know that I came to the right school. I have grown so much during my years as a student here.

2. Provo rocks! It is so beautiful here. We live right beneath the beautiful Wasatch Mountains. Right now they are covered in snow, and they couldn't look better. Also, Provo is cool. I know this may come as a shock to all those Provo haters, but there are a lot of cool people down here, and plenty of awesome stuff to do.

3. I met my dear Grant here. Provo will always have special memories for me because this is where Grant and I met and fell in love. Everywhere I look there are memories of the wonderful times we've had together.

4. I've met some of my best friends here. My former roommates are still some of my best friends, and I have had some of the best times of my life down in Provo.

I don't think this post even comes close to representing the love that I have for this university and for provo. BYU is a wonderful place and I've been so lucky to go to school here. I hope my kids all love BYU as much as I do because I want excuses to come visit when I get older!


Kristen said...

Wow. Those photos have some REALLY great memories. The wedgie, the pinata, the near decapitation. I will miss you so much :(

Also, that photo of you and Grant where you're wearing the baseball tee... SO CUTE.

Love you.

Anna and Dante Valenzuela said...

Maren!! I am so sad you guys aren't here anymore =( We miss you... Flag football just isn't going to be the same without you and Grant!

Amanda P said...

I can't believe taking a cooking class & aerobics class with me didn't make the list! :) It was really fun to be done there with you for one year. Also, I feel the same way about BYU. People have no idea how great it is, especially people from Utah for some reason. I'm glad you had a great experience and I love you.

Michelle Christensen said...

wow those are awesome pictures girly! i hope youre having fun at home!