Wednesday, April 14, 2010


While Grant and I were dating we always used to talk about all the places we travel to together. While we already realized our Brazilian dream, we still have some other places we want to see (like the whole world!!!). Grant's brother Mark served his mission in Spain and for part of the time he served on the small island of Menorca. We all decided that once Mark got married the four of us (Me, Grant, Mark and his lucky lady) would all go on a trip there.
Well, Mark, I'm still waiting!! I'm kidding. But I do hope that the day is coming soon! Until then I'll just have to keep looking up pictures of Menorca and daydreaming of the day when I can roam these quaint street and swim in the perfectly clear water.. sigh.


Caley & Jason said...

I hear Gilbert, Arizona's where it's at.

How convenient because we just bought a house there!

KnJCuzz said...

I NEED to be there. those cobblestone streets may not be the best for longboarding, but after extensive pondering and meditation, it's a sacrifice I am willing to make.