Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I did it!

Last Saturday I did something I've been wanting to do for a long time: I ran a half marathon! My dear sister-in-law Carin ran it with me up in Olathe, KS.
My goal was to run it in under two hours, and I made it! My time was 1 hour and 58 minutes (including TWO bathroom stops! whoops!)
We had such a great time running and Grant and Barry brought the kids to see us at mile 9 and then again at the finish line. I felt so good when we finished!! As we ran through the finish line the announcer said, "and here come Carin and Maren! Hey, you guys must be friends" and then we hugged. It was sweet.

Anyway, it was great experience, and I'm definitely open to the idea of one day running a full one!
Carin and I have such a good time together. I just wished they lived closer!!


Jennifer Miller said...

aaahh! Im so jellous! you guys dont even look tired! What great time! congrats, Im glad you blogged it!

Caley & Jason said...

how cute are you?!! Jay and I wanted to do one by our first anniversary- but you can't run half marathons when you're pregnant I guess. Well maybe some people can- but not me! lol

童紫勳 said...
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Christyn Caryn said...

Congrats!!! WOOHOO!! You did it!!! That is awesome! and you were so worried, pssshh... you had it in the bag! Now what will be your next adventure? I hope work is treating you well!

Stefani said...

Wow you guys are FAST! Congratulations -- maybe I'll come run with you sometime. I won't be able to keep up though.

em said...

So proud of you!

This made me cry a little. Don't worry - I reminded myself you're coming out in June. Stopped it some.

Cami said...

Good job, Maren! I am so impressed. Maybe after my baby is born I'll think about running 13.2 miles! It makes me tired just thinking about it now.