Sunday, September 29, 2013


Can't get enough of these narrow European streets. There's just nothing like them in the states. Especially in Oklahoma!
This is the street that our apartment was on. It had the cutest little balcony and was located close to the gothic district.
Barcelona, Day 1
We rode the metro over to the Sagrada Familia. It is the craziest cathedral designed by Gaudi. You walk up the stairs from the metro and BAM! There it is. It has been in a constant state of construction since it was started and it won't be completed until at least 2027! 

Castle of Montjuic. This is like THE place to be in Barcelona at night. They have a fountain light show (kind of like the Venetian in Vegas) and then of course there is the castle! What an incredible sight!

Day 2
The next morning we stopped at a small panaderia for some custard filled croissants (yum!) and then we walked through the Parc Ciutadella. From there it was a short jaunt over to the city's Arc di Triomf.

It looks so Spanish with it's ornate red brick.

Then we took the metro and walked a long way up a big hill to the Parc Guell. It is the park that Gaudi designed. The park is terraced and goes up a huge hill. It was about twice as cool as I thought it would be. Lot's of mosaics, crazy buildings, sculptures and walkways.

After Parc Guell we shopped on the Rambla. It was so fun! We bought two fantastic suits for Grant, a couple of things for me and lots of adorable things for Leif at Zara. It started raining like crazy, so we ran to our apartment which was pretty close. We made the men do a little fashion show to music in their new duds while we waited for the rain to stop. When it finally stopped raining we walked through the Barri Gotica (Gothic Quarter) to the Catedral de Barcelona.

Catedral de Barcelona was built in the 1200s!! What?? I know.

This was part of the cloister in the back of the church. It was the most beautiful spot. 

We wandered through the Gothic District a little more and then walked back to La Rambla for a paella and tapas dinner. We walked down to the end of La Rambla to the Cristobal Colom circle and out onto the pier over the ocean. The boys almost bought several knock off items including: beats by Dre headphones, jerseys, Ray Bans, wallets, and watches. Then we walked the length of La Rambla and stopped for the most delicious gofres (the delicious waffle and ice cream delight that we first experienced in Menorca) and crepes.

Day 3 
Woke up really early and checked out of our place in Barcelona, stopped for some fresh pastries (duh.) and then drove to Montserrat.

There is an incredible church at the top of the mountain. We happened to be there on a Sunday and heard the most angelic choir of young boys singing in the abbey. 

There were little hiking trails everywhere! I vowed that next time we were there we would take enough time to hike around. We didn't quite have enough time to do so on this trip. :(
Next: On to Madrid!!


Sharon said...

What an awesome trip! You look beautiful! I LOVE your flowered dress. Thanks for sharing your memories!

Mark Christensen said...

Mare, awesome writeup.
I loved remembering all the funny things that happened... like how me and Grant ALMOST bought a bunch of stuff on the rambla and the awesome sights we saw.
The Cathedral of Barcelona is pretty unreal.
It was amazing how many churches we saw that were built before the USA had even been discovered!
Anyways, I enjoyed the blog and that was a trip of a lifetime!!