Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lessons from my Father

This post is several days late, but I have been dealing with a nasty bout of strep throat and needless to say I have been out of commission.

The first lesson my dad ever taught me was, "Just because somebody hands you something doesn't mean you have to take it."

What a nugget of wisdom! It can mean so many different things and it truly has guided me through some tough times. Say you're a impressionable ninth grader and someone hands you a beer. What do you do?? My dad's first lesson echoes through my head and I don't take it! Yes! Bullet dodged. Although I'm sure that this was probably developed so that he wouldn't take my mom's purse when she hands it to him. :)

Love you, dad! You're so wise!

Happy Father's Day, dad. You are wonderful and this is just the beginning of the things that you taught me.


Caley and Noah said...

too cute!

samchristensen said...

Such wise advice. It must run in the genes! :)