Monday, January 10, 2011

Walk Like..

an Egyptian.

Photo: Ornamented CamelPhoto: Great Sphinx and Pyramids of GizaPhoto: Wall of Tutankhamen's Burial Chamber

Excited to announce that we are headed to Egypt in February!

(all images from here)


Stefani said...

I was hoping we were going to walk like an egyptian! (well you are... I'll just live vicariously through you)

Jennifer Miller said...

What a year you have had! Remember it! no other year will be the same...oh, the freedom, I can only imagine! PS you are so darn cute and the second picture in Jan 1 post, the little girl in the background looks like a mini YOU!!!
also the pic of grant as the donkey is so cute!

Michelle Hayes said...

Hey, not fair. where's the invite? haha..just kidding. thats so fun!

Sammy said...

world travelers! WOW maren totally envious that is amazing, how exciting. ok so i haven't looked on your blog for a while, the pictures your friend took of you in the field, totally looks like edward and bella in the meadow! Lol hopefully you know what i'm talking about... but they are beautiful.hope all is well!

The McKinleys said...

you guys are AMAZING!! we are totally jealous that you are world travelers...because we are not. have SO much fun {of course you will, how could you not?!}

p.s. my brother lives in yukon, so i'm about 2 hours from you guys. bummer! it would have been fun to meet up and go to braum's {i've heard their ice cream is exceptional...i still have yet to try it!}

glad you guys are doing well!