Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Utah Trip

This picture is so classic Crane. Crista and Grant are the only ones who look normal. It turns out Cranes aren't SUPER photogenic. I do love Outback though!

Mountain man Grant chopping some wood up at the cabin!

An ad for Subaru.

The cabin in all her glory!

..and of course, the outhouse or "privy" as dad would say.

Another Subaru ad.

I've been to the Mt. Nebo overlook countless times with my dad. Everytime we go up there he brings his binoculars so we can spot mountain goats, but without fail we NEVER do. It's always a good time though.

If you look really close you can see the cabin nestled up there in the trees.

I already miss the sunsets from our deck in Ogden. Best sunsets in the world.


em said...

Man.... The Crane's are all over the place in this one. Its like someone placed us in the most akward positions possible.

P.S. Was Gardner trying to show a bicep?

Blakely and Lindsey said...

I agree with Em. That pic of your fam is fantastic. Also I miss sitting on your deck summer nights and watching the sun go, drinking crystal light, and harassing rachel and amanda to sleep on teh deck with us. Best times

Gordon said...

Got to LOVE the cabin. Right? I think my grandson's, Tanner and Christian, enjoyed it there as well. They weren't sure they wanted to spend the night especially with Uncle Brent talking about rats there.

I have such wonderful memories of times spent there.
Aunt Kathleen

Kristin Gardiner said...

way to rep the flannel, kid.

Caley and Jason said...

wow. i love your family.
ps. when are you coming to az?