Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Today was great! Grant called me after I got home after class and he said, "come outside, I have a surprise for you." And he had this beaut on top of the sub. Mark and Jay joined us with their own canoe and we drove up to the Payson Lakes for some epic fishing. Grant caught 2, Jay caught 1, and I caught a baby that we threw back. Poor Marky got skunked!! We had a great time, but it was surprisingly cold. Also, I was going to take my camera into the canoe and get some awesome action shots, but the very first thing that happened when we got to the lake - Jay tried to get in his canoe and fell into the water. fully. Needless to say I was too spooked to take our camera out onto the water after that.
Most of you probably know that this is our last semester in Utah. We're trying to have as many adventures as possible and we are definitely open to suggestions! So, if there is something we HAVE to do before we leave please let us know.
Thanks :)


Anonymous said...

Everytime I am reminded that you are moving, I cry.

We have a 2 man kayak if you are in Ogden and want to borrow it. Causey is really fun.

Jennifer Miller said...

So Fun! Enjoy all the adventures. When are you going to come to Seattle again?? I miss you guys!

Mallory said...

Party with me :)

I haven't seen you in far too long. I'm hoping to make it out there in the next couple months, so we should do something very special.

I miss you :(

Kristin Gardiner said...

most of all i'm just impressed by that sweet photo