Thursday, August 20, 2009

Maybe...'s the fact that Grant and I's anniversary is coming up, or maybe it's the fact that I missed almost all of my friends' weddings in Utah this summer, but I cannot get weddings off of my mind. Although planning a wedding was stressful, I loved it! I miss going to the grocery store to check out the latest Martha Stewart Wedding magazine, and I miss spending hours poring over other peoples' wedding photography trying to find exactly what I want.

Recently I stumbled across 100 Layer Cake, a lovely wedding website and I just cannot get enough. The beautiful photography, and the amazingly unique ideas have captivated me. I guess it's not the best thing I could be doing with my time, but it's definitely not the worst either! ;)

This wedding looks so magical, and all of the tiny lights remind me of fireflies!

Speaking of weddings, our anniversary is this Saturday and we are looking for a little cabin in the woods somewhere to spend the weekend. It can either be here (oklahama or arkansas), or it could be somewhere on the way back to Utah. If anyone knows of anything please let me know.

Thanks :) And aren't weddings so romantic! I just love them.


Nate and Chelsea said...

I've been obsessed with all of the wedding blogs lately! And 100 Layer Cake is definitely a favorite.

Mallory said...

I have to admit. I do enjoy a good wedding blog too! Here's my fav: I'm not planning anything, but I still love it probably for the same reasons you do :)

mina said...

those pictures are lovely!