Saturday, July 25, 2009

Solo Trip to Utah

Last week I took a little impromptu trip to Utah care of Grant's fabulous cousin Read Flake. Sadly, I had to leave dear Granty in Tulsa. Utah, was absolutely wonderful. I had forgotten how beautful Utah is in the summer! All in all a wonderful couple of days. I love you so much family. So glad I could see you all!!
Being at Brooke's wedding reception
Painting Victoria's nails-all different colors
Getting spanked at the train game by mom, em, and Rach
Miraculously making into the temple for Court's sealing
Snuggling with Axel
Being wedding buddies with Linds
Scaling Ogden canyon's walls with Tess on her birthday
Tony's Pizza!
Late night chat with Kriz


Jennifer Miller said...

love the blog! We can be blogging buddies now!

Maegan and Dan said...

what the!? i should totally be a highlight! for the love?! where is the love?! anyways.......... so good to see you and i am so excited you have a blog!!! woot!

Anonymous said...

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